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Services for Individuals,

 Liver Patients & Families

Consulting on Liver-Related Medical and Legal Inquiries

  • Liver disorders

  • Hepato-biliary disorders

  • Surgical disorders

  • Liver Cancer

  • Transplantation

  • Second Opinions

  • Advice

  • Family Law

  • Disputes on Related Disorders

Consulting for Individuals & Colleagues

  • CME  Courses

  • Medico-legal inquiries

  • Consulting about disability for surgeons

Analysis on the Extents of Liver Disease

  • Complications that will or have ensued

  • Life expectancy

  • Future available treatments

  • The role of transplant centers, their selection, their performance and their characteristics

  • The logistics of transplants, including travel and future treatments

  • Additional relevant factors to consider in individual cases

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