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 Experienced Medico-Legal Expert Witness and Consultant in Liver Diseases, Surgery, Transplantation, Liver Cancer, Correctional Medicine of Liver Disorders and  Hepatitis C. Researcher and Educator.


Specialized in: 

  • Medico-Legal Inquiries and Litigation

  • Hepatology, Surgery and Transplantation

  • Liver Cancer

  • Hepatitis C

  • Surgical Complications

  • Bile Duct Injuries

  • Correctional Medicine

  • DILI Drug Induced Liver Injuries

  • Life Expectancy of Liver-Related Disorders

Photo Dr Alsina Oct 2020.jpg

Angel E. Alsina M.D., FACS, FAASLD

Proven Track-Record of Exceptional Skill and Judgement

in Liver Transplantation Outcomes

SRTR 3yr Cropped.png

Dr. Alsina directed the liver transplant program at Tampa General Hospital.

These are his latest results:


Hazard ratio of death post transplant at 3 years was 0.62.

(38% lower risk of dying than the average program)

Performed at the 96th percentile. Only 5 centers had superior survival. 

His team outperformed in survival every high volume program in the country.


Outperformed in volume the 5 centers with better survival. 


No other center can claim this combined performance among 130 programs in the U.S.

A truly remarkable performance by the TGH Liver Transplant Team,

under the direction of Dr. Alsina. 


Based in Tampa, Florida


Practices in US, PR

and Internationally

To set an appointment with Dr. Alsina,

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