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Consulting Services

Specialized in Liver Medicine, Liver Disease and Treatment,

 Surgery, Transplantation, the Medical Field and Research

Dr. Alsina is highly qualified to provide assessments for your personal medical needs and for legal purposes, such as cases of family law, disputes,

and expertise required in litigation. 


He has broad command on many aspects of liver diseases and is specialized in how multiple conditions inter-relate, and how legal principles are applied to surgical and transplant aspects, cirrhosis, portal hypertension, liver cancer origins, timing of hepatitis C treatments and causality assessments.

Dr. Alsina is experienced in thorough assessment of drug-induced liver injury cases for individuals and for the legal community, utilizing standardized causality assessment methods with transparency, to demonstrate the accuracy and limitations of these methods, based on the information that is available.

Dr. Alsina will analyze the extents of liver disease:

  • Complications that will or have ensued

  • Life expectancy

  • Future available treatments

  • The role of transplant centers, their selection, their performance and their characteristics

  • The logistics of transplants, including travel and future treatments

  • Additional relevant factors to consider.

Areas of Service

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